Featured Member: Hellow, a Growing App’s Successful 2017 and Look ahead at 2018

Haven’t we all been sitting at a dinner table where everyone was just staring into their phones? Hellow is here to change that.

Hellow is a true social media platform that aims at helping people explore their community through every day, real life adventures. The app allows its users to explore what is going on around them and, eventually, decide to join others in real life activities, effectively bridging the online and offline worlds.

We want to create more than just an app. We want to create a movement: Less app – More Hellow.

We are a Denmark-based young company with a team of five driven and passionate people working hard to make this happen.

Hellow was launched for both iPhone and Android on 10 August 2017 and experienced a positive but rather slow start. After our CEO, Yonas Alizadeh, appeared on the national Danish TV (in the daily morning show Go’ Morgen Danmark), Hellow’s download rates skyrocketed. The very same afternoon, Hellow was the number one downloaded app on the Apple AppStore for the category of ‘Social Network’ and number
three amongst all categories. This was a huge success for us. 

We couldn’t have been prouder, and we couldn’t have imagined the great response we got from that appearance. We were thrilled that so many people saw the potential of our app, and that they felt motivated enough to actually download it. This shows us that there truly is a need for an app like Hellow.

As our app continues to grow and we expand our offerings, we're worried about regulation and the impact it might have on our development.

Dealing with a heavy regulatory burden that might result from the legislation currently under discussion at EU level is daunting for a small but fast-growing company like us.

We think the idea of creating a European Digital Single Market (DSM) is important and will significantly benefit us and others like us, if done right. We fear that very complex and unclear rules proposed as part of the DSM strategy, which are often designed for big companies but ultimately impact the small companies most, will create a situation of confusion and uncertainty amongst innovative businesses.

For this reason, we hope EU policy makers will be open to discuss and understand how their policies impact our business, whether through our story directly or through the collective voice of the Developers Alliance, where we are a start-up member.

In spite of regulatory uncertainty, people are still downloading our app, and the number of active users is constantly expanding. We are looking forward to have enough active users to create a living environment within our app. Such an environment will help us encourage more people to go out, meet each other and explore great adventures together.