On July 31st in London, the Apps Alliance held its first event in Europe, The Cloud Conundrum Developer Workshop. The room was filled with developers exchanging ideas on the function of the cloud in the app ecosystem.


Hosting Options for Your App  

Panelists from Google, RackSpace and ElasticHosts discuss what developers need to know when moving apps to the cloud.

Martin Wrigley - (Moderator) Apps Alliance; Mandy Waite - Google; Richard Davies - ElasticHosts;  Jamie Hannaford- Rackspace

Yahoo's Experience of Rolling Out Apps Across Europe

Jake Ward of the Apps Alliance talks to Eugene Stipp, Senior Director of Engineering for Mobile and Emerging Products at Yahoo. 

Watch the videos above to review a discussion with the Application Developers Alliance and industry experts on how developers can better utilize the cloud for their apps. Key take-aways include:

  • Understanding strategies and technology options for the deployment of cloud-based solutions. 

  • Maintaining and optimizing backend data storage to increase security and prevent interoperability malfunctions.  

  • Gaining insight from industry experts and applying their experiences to your app business.