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The Impact of the Proposed ePrivacy Regulation on the Data-Driven Ecosystem

About the event

The Developers Alliance and IAB Europe are organizing a roundtable discussion on “The impact of the proposed ePrivacy Regulation on the data-driven ecosystem”.

The event, co-hosted by MEP Boni and MEP Dalton, will focus on the proposed ePrivacy Regulation and how it will impact innovative companies leading Europe’s transition to a data-driven economy.

The ePrivacy framework has been long identified as the “cookie directive”, complementing the GDPR by regulating cookie banners online. The new ePrivacy Regulation, set out by the European Commission earlier in 2017, is however wider in scope and proposes a revised framework regulating communication data and technologies enabling data collection and processing.

As the benefits of smart data processing become increasingly clear to both business and society across Europe, it is important to ensure this new framework is future-proof while at the same time offering an open environment for data innovation.
Decision makers, businesses representatives, and other stakeholders will gather on Tuesday 20 June to exchange views on the challenges and opportunities ahead.     

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Event Details

Date: 20 June 2017

Time: 12:00 - 14:00

Venue: European Parliament