Discoverability Whitepaper: How to Get Noticed in a Marketplace Overflowing with Apps.

If an app drops in the store and no one is around to see it, does it make a profit? The answer is no, and therein lies one of the major challenges facing application developers today.

Developers can make the most innovative app of the year or perhaps the decade, but if consumers cannot find it because of marketing obstacles, all of the engineering prowess will be for naught. What good is an angry bird without gamers to fling it from a slingshot or an Instagram without amateur photographers to capture nostalgic memories and share them?

Discoverability matters, and is as central to successful app ventures as the creative genius behind great apps. With this challenge in mind, the Application Developers Alliance crafted Discoverability: How to Get Noticed in a Marketplace Overflowing with Apps.

With this paper, developers can:

  • Identify the challenges that developers and companies face in getting their apps before the right audiences

  • Explore the current options available to do so

  • Propose solutions for optimizing discoverability


Contributors include: 

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