In our recent Global developer survey titled: Competition in the Mobile App Ecosystem: 97% of publishers said the app industry is competitive, and platforms are a major contributor to developers success. They also mentioned that, although well intended, further regulations by the EC could risk damaging the app ecosystem.

If you share this view: join us by downloading the sample letter below and returning to ASAP. Just fill out the highlighted sections and feel free to edit how you wish.

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Dear Commissioner Vestager,

As an app publisher in City, Country, I care deeply about the strength and resiliency of Europe’s digital economy and our mobile app ecosystem. Europe’s app economy is a strong driver of job creation and economic growth, but there has been a great deal of concern expressed about the competitiveness of the app market. I am writing to tell you unequivocally that the app market is healthy, vibrant, continuing to be very competitive.

Name of Company publishes an app called _____________. The app does . . . . .      We have been creating and publishing apps/ this app since ________. We are proud to be part of the app industry’s contribution to Europe’s economic success.

For an app publisher, platforms, stores, and OSs are critically important. They provide the best channels to reach our customers, and their investment in the products and tools we use to make our apps can mean the difference between success and failure. We all make business driven decisions about where and how to launch and support our apps based on users and ease of use, the resources we have and the tools we need. We have choices and those decisions are weighed carefully.  

The success and growth of the mobile app market in recent years can largely be attributed to the improvement of tools (many for free), the alignment of OEMs and SDKs to reduce fragmentation, and the dramatic increase in market access for publishers. These improvements are not the result of any one platform or company, but the work leading platforms have done to support publisher ease of use has worked. We are able to build better, faster, and more cost effectively today than ever before.

I write today because I am concerned that the Commission may make my job harder and my business less viable. Whether intentionally or not, if the European mobile app economy is disrupted it will negatively affect my business and the ability of app publishers to succeed and grow.  The Commission’s on going investigation of Android could have severe ripple effects on publishers (and our employees). It is critical that the investigation consider whether resolution options would do significant harm to app publishers and our users.

I support the Commission’s commitment to platform competition, and I believe strongly that competition benefits publishers and consumers. I urge you to consider carefully how your decisions affect publishers like me, and to consider today’s competitive environment as a foundation of our company’s success.

Thank you for considering my views,

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