Competition and Innovation in the App Ecosystem

Date: Monday 26 September 10:00 - 11.30

Location: European Parliament, ASP A5F385

Format: Roundtable & refreshments served

Join the Application Developers Alliance for the next roundtable discussion on "Competition and Innovation in the App Ecosystem", co-hosted by Eva Paunova, MEP and moderated by Paul Hofheinz, President and Co-Founder at The Lisbon Council. Jake Ward, President and CEO at the Application Developers Alliance, will present the latest results of the global report: Competition in the Mobile App Ecosystem. Find out more about the key findings from the report press release

Key Speakers

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This event is also an opportunity to discuss the key findings from the Application Developers Alliance global survey: Competition in the Mobile App Ecosystem together with policy makers and app publishers and developers. 

The Competition in the Mobile App Ecosystem report highlighted that that the mobile app industry is a healthy and competitive market. We looked into competitive practices, differences between platforms, revenue sharing models of platforms, pre-loaded apps and fragmentation. Developers agree: app market place is thriving and presents opportunity for all comers and the ecosystem displays all of the tell-tale signs of maturation: stability, access, growth and competition.