David Kennedy



 "Developers are playing a role that is taking on increasing complexity and influence each day, and the need for a global organization that can serve as a unifying resource for their assistance, education and advocacy has never been greater. There is no question that the Application Developer Alliance will prove to be a valuable service for developers of all types."

appMobi CEO, David Kennedy, has over 35 years’ experience in the media industry, most recently as CEO and Vice Chairman of Interep, and previously as President and CEO of Susquehanna Media Corp.

David began his career with Susquehanna Radio Corp in 1973, subsequently holding a series of station and corporate positions, including Director of Program Research, Vice President of Planning and Research and in 1995 became President and COO of the company. David was named President and CEO of parent company Susquehanna Media Co. in 2004, overseeing all of its media holdings including its Internet operations, until the sale of the radio and cable businesses to Cumulus Media Partners and Comcast (respectively) in a multi-billion-dollar transaction in 2006.

David has been one of the broadcast industry’s most active leaders. He is a past chairman of the National Association of Broadcasters Joint Board of Directors, and has served as chairman or member of a number of NAB committees, including the Radio Board of Directors; Responsible Programming Industry Task Force; Financial Advisory Committee; Committee on Local Radio Audience Measurement (COLRAM); and Radio Audience Measurement Taskforce (RAMTF).