The Application Developers Alliance was pleased to join several Alliance members at AppNation 6 this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. With a focus specifically on the consumer app economy, the AppNation conference strives to help all app developers create successful businesses through "inspiring keynotes, topical roundtable discussions, and deep-dive workshops that deliver actionable advice and best practices."

In addition to the regular conference schedule, the Apps Alliance team was committed to discussing issues currently important to app developers with Alliance members. These insightful interviews fall under the following categories, which you can view below: Leveraging Tools for App Development Innovation, Insights on In-App Advertising, and Putting Users First: A Look into Improving User Experience.

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Leveraging Tools for App Development Innovation

Beerside Chat: Enterprise Developers and the Internet of Things

Join an insightful conversation on opportunities, challenges, and the future of enterprise developers in the context of a connected world. Learn from John Ellis (Ellis & Associates), Karl Heimer (Autoimmune), Todd Peterson (Aviation Battery Systems, LLC), David DiMeo (Innovation Lab at Ford Direct), and Greg Krueger (Leidos) as they contemplate the evolving role of devolopers in the Internet of Things. 

How Audio Enhances User Experience and Other Insights from Dolby's Eric Ang

According to George Lucas, "sound is 50% of the experience." With an understanding that the market is changing, Dolby is reaching out to developers for the next generation of immersive audio. Listen to Eric Ang, Senior Manager of Dolby Developer, discuss Dolby's new API and how developers can leverage Dolby's goodness.

5 Tips for App Success from Jarah Euston of Flurry from Yahoo!

Even if developers know how to create an app, taking the app from completion to success can be a different matter altogether. Join Jarah Euston, head of Marketing & Analytics at Flurry for Yahoo!, as she lists five insightful and powerful tips for app success. She also invites developers to the first Yahoo! Mobile App Developers Conference in San Francisco on February 19th.

App Efficiency & Retention: Thoughts from Mike Brough of M2 App Insight

How can app developers retain users while improving the efficiency of their apps? Listen in as Mike Brough from M2 App Insights explains the need for developers to utilize marketplace data sooner rather than later in the app creation process, the importance of customer expectations, and how mobile will drive innovation in 2015.

Changes From an Evolving Industry: 
A Chat with Kate Edwards from IGDA

Innovation revitalizes the game development creative process, according to Kate Edwards, Executive Director of IGDA. Watch as Kate explores considerations for game development, which innovations developers should keep in mind, and how 2015 will shift the focus of IGDA.

Insights on In-App Advertising

The Future of Native Advertising: A Chat With Justin Forth of PubNative

How can developers monetize their apps without using ad banners? Justin Forth, Head of Global Business Development for Pubnative, answers this question, and more, as he chats about native advertising and the importance of user experience.

Leveraging Native Advertising Tools: Advice from Neal Richter of Rubicon Group

Native ads are already outperforming banner ads, and Neal Richter, Chief Scientist at Rubicon Project, predicts that native advertising will continue to see success. Hear his other predictions as well as advice for app developers on leveraging native ad tools in this interview from AppNation.

Next Big Thing for Ads? Predictions from Bryan Buskas of AdColony

Mobile video is the fastest growing segment in terms of all advertising. With this shift in mind, app developers need to understand their consumers to delivery the best integration experience. Watch Bryan Buskas, Senior VP of Performance Advertising from AdColony, describe how AdColony is helping developers and brands make the most of in-app advertising.

Advertising and the Seamless Experience: Tips from Matt Barash of AdColony

Advertising is quickly becoming part of content, creating a seamless experience for customers. In this interview with AdColony VP of Business Development for Premium Publishing, Matt Barash, find out how app developers can recognize the value of alternative monetization.

Putting Users First: A Look at Improving User Experience

"People, not users:" How Apptentive Takes Their Core Philosophy to Heart

The app industry is reciprocal, explosive, and just plain crazy, and Apptentive strives to be at the forefront of connectivity. Listen to Robi Ganguly, Ravi Ramkumar, and Red Russak describe the importance of putting customers first and how they expect to keep pace with an adapting industry.

Using Data to Improve User Experience with Factual

What role does data play in the process of creating an engaging app? VP of Production from Factual, Tyler Bell, explains how app developers can use data to efficiently put consumers first while also increasing app monetization.

How Do Industry Leaders Describe the App Industry?

What word would you use to describe the app industry in one word? Throughout AppNation and CES we asked industry influencers this question, and here's what they had to say.

In this video, you'll hear from Robi Ganguly (Apptentive), Kate Edwards, (IGDA), Patrick Henshaw (Strap), Paddy Padmanabhan (MyScript), Philip Berne (Samsung), Bryan Buskas (AdColony), Daniel Shaw (FitBit), Anthony Radek (Life Fitness), Neal Richter (Rubicon Group), Anne Rookstool (Sensoria), Ravi Ramkumar (Apptentive), Krispian Lawrence ( LECHAL), and Red Russak (Apptentive).

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