EU Android Users Embrace Customization and Non-Exclusive Use of Apps

July 2018 Survey Report of 2,000 EU Android Users

The mobile app economy continues to be stable, mature, and thriving. Android users have more app options than ever, with new entries uploaded to the Google Play store daily. More importantly, users are seeking out many different apps that fit their needs and preferences, while customizing their devices in a way responsive to their habits.

In June 2018 the Developers Alliance conducted  a survey of 2,000 Android users in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain  as a follow-up to our November 2016 report. The results show a healthy competition for downloads and use among apps, even within specific categories based on app function.

EU Android users download and use a multitude of apps rather than just using a few exclusively. Having one app on their device does not stop them from downloading and using a similar app that does a similar function. In all but two categories, most users who downloaded the top app in that category also downloaded a different app in the same category. concerns over unhealthy competition practices are not born out in the marketplace. The app economy remains fast-moving and ever-changing, but the ecosystem is stable and improving.


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